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Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the May 20th, 2010

Cheryl Portrait 1I am a freelance writer living in Israel.  I recently wrote “Reasonable Doubts; A Religious Skeptic Learns a Thing or Two About God,”  a book  about a faith crisis I experienced as a philosophy major in college.  I wrote “Reasonable Doubts” because I felt that current Jewish literature regarding faith crises was lacking in both depth and sensitivity.  “Reasonable Doubts”  takes the reader on my personal philosophical and emotional journey back to faith with the help of thinkers like Maimonides, Rav Soloveitchik, Henry Bergson, William James, and Abraham Joshua Heschel.

When I wrote my book  it was very important to me that  it not turn into a cold technical philosophical diary.   I focused on giving the book a light tone and writing both the memoir and the philosophy sections in a manner in which the reader can relate to.  I have already received emails from readers thanking me for putting their most profound yet ambiguous religious feelings into words and context.  I realize, however, that books by their very natures have their limitations.  No matter how engaging the writer is, the book is  essentially a monologue.   I hope this blog makes up for this limitation by becoming a  forum for informative dialogue concerning  faith, faith crisis, and other faith issues.

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